For partners

Table tennis tables and accessories manufacturing factory Start Line are sold through a partner network in Russia and CIS countries. We are present in the largest network hypermarkets and small sports stores.

The company Start Line is continually evolving and we invite new partners!

The advantages of cooperation with Start Line
  • Our prices do not depend on the growth rate of world currencies!

    Company Start Line independently and completely provides the entire manufacturing process. Russian production is a guarantee of stable prices . We have an absolute advantage over imports. Our products does not depend on the exchange rate and difficult logistics.

  • A flexible system of discounts

    Wholesale department of Start Line offers a flexible system of discounts, the amount of which depends on the volume of incoming orders:
    for table tennis - up to 37% off the retail price;
    on accessories for table tennis - up to 50% off retail prices.

  • Favorable financial schemes of work
    Start Line Company offers to the partners several financial schemes of work, the conditions of which depend on the size of the order and timing of cooperation.
    - Work on a prepaid basis:
    a) 100% prepayment - delivery of ordered goods produced upon receipt of payment to the account of the supplier;
    b) advance payment of 50% - delivery of ordered goods is made upon receipt of payment to the account of the supplier, the remaining 50% of the delay of no more than 21 banking days from receipt of goods.
    - Regular customers receive a deferment of payment:
    Delivery is made upon receipt of the order; items must be paid no later than 21 banking days from the date of receipt; discounts are saved.
  • Marketing and advertising support
    Start Line Company offers to the partners free marketing and advertising support.
    The standard package of materials includes product catalogs, leaflets, posters to be placed in retail outlets, mobile stands. All promotional products has a net address block, where you can specify your address through which the sale.
    At the request of a partner can be designed and manufactured additional materials (such as leaflets with information about special promotions, wide format banners).
    Promotional materials greatly simplify the work of sales consultants as wholesale companies and retail network, helping increase sales.
  • Easy delivery
    Start Line for the rapid shipment to all regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Delivery of products can be carried by rail, air or road transport companies in any, even the most remote regions. Start Line delivers orders to transport companies and taking care of all the expenses
  • Consulting Managers Start Line
    Start Line specialists provide comprehensive assistance in the preparation of orders, taking into account seasonality, the assortment of features, the area of your point of sale, sales volumes in each specific region.
    In order to assess their financial capabilities, you can make a preliminary (test) order. Start Line Managers calculate the cost of the order with the selected items, consult on the technical features of the selected models, as well as help you choose the best type of delivery (shipping company).

Build your business with a table tennis factory Start Line!