Start Line provides a 15% discount on all sports complexes.



Dear customers!
Start Line reduces prices for all sports facilities.
You have a chance to purchase Start Line Fitness sports complexes at a discount of -15% until August 31, 2017. Take your time. The quantity of the goods is limited.

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The Start Line Fitness complexes use modern materials that do not respond to weather conditions. They will stand proudly in the pouring rain, under the scorching sun. The special composition included in the coating is UV-resistant, which will retain the colors for a long time.
A polymer coating of metal elements will help to resist corrosion.

Installation of sports complexes involves two types of installation:
1. On the prepared site (asphalt, concrete) with the help of anchors;
2. In the ground with the use of concrete.

For the purchase, you can contact the Salons "Start" or choose a dealer in your city to order the manufacture of the Start Line Fitness sports complex.

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