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 Design office Start Line has developed a new kind of anti-vandal tennis table intended for installation in open areas in sports and recreation centers, in sanatorium and resort zones, as well as in sports complexes. Supports of the tennis table are made in a modern design solution - OPEN AIR. This reduces the area of ​​contact with air and increases resistance to wind loads. Tables of this design are used in European and Western countries.
This model is designed for long use in the open space. Special compounds in the coating make it resistant to ultraviolet rays, fading in bright sunlight, and also well tolerating various weather conditions: rain, snow, wind. Development of Start Line - is cheaper than similar offers on the Russian market - 60 695 rubles.
The level of strength of the new table for vandalism is high - special reinforced concrete, has proven itself in the market, as it has already been used and continues to be used in the manufacture of legendary tables like City Power Outdoor and City Park Outdoor.
The weight and fastening elements of the tennis table are aimed at opposing absolutely any acts of vandalism. The grid is one-piece, made of perforated metal of 3 mm, which promotes resistance to destruction.
Factory production guarantees high quality at an affordable price.

Buy a tennis table City Strong Outdoor from the leading Russian manufacturer Start Line can be in the company's salons:

Novosibirsk city,
Ul. Bolshevistskaya, 20, tel. +7 (383) 269-46-44

Leningradskoe shosse, 25, Central Leningradsky, 3rd floor, tel. +7 (495) 978-61-09
MKAD, 33 km, shopping center "Varshavka", ow. 6, 2nd floor, tel. +7 (495) 232-66-30
Ul. Admiral Makarov, 2, building 1, 2 floor, tel. +7 (495) 792-54-45

Turgenevskoe shosse, 25/1, tel. +7 (861) 214-00-01

And also in the nearest store of a wide network of official representatives of Start Line.

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