New tennis tables with anti-reflective coating with a discount of -15%!


Start Line Company is holding a promotion until August 31 and offers new * Hobby SUPER and Olympic SUPER tennis tables with anti-reflective coating, enhanced protection and improved gaming performance at a reduced price by 15%!

On the eve of the summer season, the design office of the Start Line developed table tennis table models with a new matte finish, which brings together a number of advantages, thanks to which it was possible to achieve:

1. Operate the tables in bright breezy lights. A special matte coating of the playing field prevents the appearance of light reflections on the surface, which makes it possible to operate the table with comfort. The MDF tabletop material is of high density, which is less exposed to the sun.

2. Increase the height of the ball rebound by using MDF material 16 mm high density.

3. Improve the adhesion of the surface of the field to the ball due to the optimal roughness of the cover of the protective film of the playing field.


*Attention! Tables are designed for indoor use. When storing for a long time, it is necessary to remove it into a heated room.

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