VIII "Winners' Games" in Moscow. Start Line technical partner of the table tennis court.


Уже восьмой год подряд в Москве на площадке ЦСКА будут проходить Всемирные "Игры победителей" для детей.

For the eighth consecutive year in Moscow, the World Games of Winners for children will be held on the CSKA square.
"Winners' Games" are the largest competitions in the world for children who have undergone oncological diseases. One of the main organizers of the table tennis field is the Russian Table Tennis Federation.

  Start Line is a regular official technical partner of the «Winners' Games» and annually provides its tennis equipment
As part of the technical support, the table tennis sports ground will be equipped with Start Line Olympic tables with a grid.

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"Winners' Games" is a unique, the largest sporting event of the international level. This rehabilitation project helps children who have spent months and even years in the hospital to re-believe in themselves, overcome fear and uncertainty, set goals in life and gain strength to achieve them. Last year, more than 500 children aged 7-16 from 16 countries participated in the "Winners' Games".

The results of the previous tournament can be found here.

At the games will be competitions in table tennis, track and field athletics, swimming, football, shooting. Participants of three age groups:
1 group - boys and girls 7-9 years old,
2 group - boys and girls 10-13 years old,
Group 3 - boys and girls aged 14-16.

World children's "Winners' Games" will be held from June 2 to June 4, 2017 in Moscow, on the track and field athletics arena of the CSKA sports complex, at the address: Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, 39, p. 29.

Free admission!

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