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With high performance characteristics, this tennis table is different a low price. The model combines the most modern production technologies and excellent design. City Park Outdoorindispensable for installation on outdoor sports grounds and park areas will serve for many years.

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Especially for playing table tennis outdoors, the design office Start Line has developed the City Park Outdoor tennis table.

This is a reliable, versatile, anti-vandal all-weather tennis table, which has no analogues for a number of advantages:

1. The material of the playing field - strong reinforced concrete - used for the first time by the company Start Line when creating a tennis table. This material allows you to operate the tennis table in public recreation areas, parks, it is resistant to strong deliberate mechanical influences.

2. Universal special impregnation reliably protects the surface of the playing field and preserves a pristine appearance for a long time under the influence of any weather phenomena and in any climatic conditions of your region.

3. Reliability of the structure, its solidity and stability is provided by the frame. Steel frame profile (50x50 and 25x25 mm) makes the construction durable, durable for many years with the most intensive use.

4. Improved system of protecting the table from unwanted spoilage. When trying to disassemble the table, the safety of the structure is ensured by the system of special self-cutters "one way".

5. The surface of the playing field meets all the requirements of table tennis, has increased density, great weight and provides a good ball bounce, comfortable game and the best game characteristics.

 6. The City Park Outdoor tennis table is the only offer to date in the Russian Federation, combining unrivaled reliability, state-of-the-art technological developments and low cost.


Tennis table City Park Outdoor - the optimal solution for outdoor sports grounds, for installation in park areas, in the courtyards of residential areas.

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