VI All-Russian rating tournament Cup "Start Line". Winners.


Each year, supported by the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of VAT Start Line Company, together with the Federation of table tennis of the Novosibirsk region, carried out all the Russias ranking table tennis tournament Cup "Start Line", which is included in the official calendar Russian Table Tennis Federation.

In the Cup "Start Line" already has its own history. She is successful, every year more and more athletes are taking part in the Cup.
All Cups "Start Line" held on the tables of its own production.

For prizes from the Start Line Company fought not only the guys from Siberia, as well as tennis players come from CIS countries.
During the three days of play were in the age groups of boys and girls: 1999 gr 2002 gr, 2005 p.
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This year was made a record number of applications for participation in the tournament. Compared to the year 2014, where there were 288 people in 2016 - more than 450 people.
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And all the players received commemorative souvenirs "Start Line", and the winners of prizes.

Fight for prizes was hard, each of the participants to celebrate victories and defeats upset, but do not lose heart and fought to victory.
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Winners VI Russian table tennis tournament, the Cup "Start Line".

Girls born in 2005

1. Vandakurova Olga (Biysk)

2. Kuznetsova, Anastasia (Iskitim)

3. Maria Bessonova (Novosibirsk)

4. Shipovalova Elena (Novosibirsk)

5. Bezyazykova Jana (Abakan)

2005g.r Boys.

1. Daniel Nabiyev (Tyumen)

2. Nikolai Ilyin (Seversk)

3. Andrew Chernihiv (Irkutsk)

4. Lusta Stepan (Novokuznetsk)

5. Maxim Artemev (Chelyabinsk)

Girls born in 2002

1. Ekaterina Abramova (Abakan)

2.Snezhko Valentina (Chita)

3.Grushina Ekaterina (Osinniki)

4.Shvayko Lyudmila (Angarsk)

5. Miroshkina Christina (Irkutsk)

Boys born in 2002

1.Tebenkov Denis (Abakan)

2.Osipov Dmitry (Zelenogorsk)

3.Avdeev Vladimir (Biysk)

4.Dyachkov Vyacheslav (Chita)

5.Polosuhin Denis (Kamen-na-Obi)

Girls born in 1999

1. Diana Ivanova (Chita)

2.Butakova Jeanne (Abakan)

3.Smagina Natalia (Abakan)

4.Popova Hope (Novokuznetsk)

5.Shvayko Lyudmila (Angarsk)

Boys born in 1999

1.Belousov Alexander (Berdsk)

2.Osipov Dmitry (Zelenogorsk)

3.Chaptykov Egor (Abakan)

4.Plohotnikov Paul (Irkutsk)

5.Tebenkov Denis (Abkan)

6. Bogdan Nasonov (Tyumen)

The youngest participant, try your hand at a serious event was marked by a unique prize.

Start Line Company thanks all competitors, coaches and the panel of judges for the successful conduct of the work and will be happy to welcome you at the next Cup "Start Line"!

With the standings can be found here.

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