"World Children's Games of winners" 2016



June 29 to July 2, 2016 in Moscow took place the Seventh World children's "Games of winners" - the international sports competitions among children beat cancer. "Games of winners" - the world's largest event for children who have had cancer. This rehabilitation project helps children who have spent in the hospital for months and even years, again to believe in themselves, to overcome the fear and uncertainty, set goals in life and find the strength to achieve them.

One of the main organizers of of table tennis area acted Table Tennis Federation of Russia.
Company Start Line is a permanent official technical partner of "Games of winners" and provides his professional tennis equipment annually.

On the first day of competition were playing table tennis. Immediately after the morning roll call, team building and greeting 14-member states of the Games, on the third floor of the sports complex off teams from Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, India, Germany and Croatia. Eight tables for practical jokes, the guys from small to large, and - the concentrated silence in the hall.

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Competitions began the youngest participants. Linesmen, real professionals, surprised those present patience and endurance. They not only watched the game, but also explained the participants time to time rules of the game of tennis: it was evident that some guys have a racket for the first time in his life. However, the second round has left those who do not consider myself a novice in table tennis, and rightly claim to victory.

Future champion, 10-year-old Tony Yakich Zamicha from Zagreb could be recognized at once - either before or after the draw, he never for a moment stopped warming up, worn, rehearsed punches and trimming ... "I love tennis, I want to become a champion in table tennis world! This is my dream! "- Admitted Tony. He came to the game for the first time, but it is obvious that these events had not the first and not the last. "I play tennis and a half years and not going to give up. Ahead of the semi-final, I am very happy and I hope that I will go up to the finals, "- said Tony a few minutes before his triumphant win. When it became apparent victory for the team, the Croatian flag flew over the soapbox - as all of these fights!

"The first game I lost, then won twice. After the first loss greatly agitated, even his eyes were red, I wanted to cry, but then I rallied and went into the next round, "- says Xenia Domracheva. She came to the Games from Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region, and plans to participate in other competitions, necessarily - in shooting and swimming. A young athlete coached by her own dad.

Another opening day sorevnovaniy- Polats Eren from Turkey. His amazing free and dynamic game captivated all those present in the hall. Statement he said briefly: a real fan of tennis, always carries with him a racket and balls. But the impressions of Moscow had contradictory: beautiful city, but eat buckwheat and he could not.

Referee team competitions in table tennis once again headed by Viktor Koval. "This is my third Games - immediately he said. - The most important thing is the atmosphere of joy, oneness, open faces of children ... They want to win, sometimes forget about how to play. But this is not important, the rules show you the main thing that they are here, on this feast of table tennis, and it is felt in full. I congratulate all the winners and hope that the less experienced guys who have been here today, so inspired that table tennis will be one of the main interests in their lives. "

Of course, received the medal today, not all the participants (a reference to the results of the competition), but how much fun and joy of communication, pride in yourself, your team or country experienced one of those who came here, to the main draw of winning tennis games real winner.

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