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From 22 to 26 June in Sochi on the sports base "South Sports" was held the final stage of the team championship table tennis of Russia Federation (FNTR) in the men's and women's Premier league. 16 strongest clubs were fighting for medals and cups major championship tennis tables Start Line.

In the men's Premier League in the play-off in the regular season left, "Sparta & K" (Vidnoe), UMMC (Verkhnyaya Pyshma), "Torch-Gazprom" (Orenburg), "CST-Kazan" (Kazan), "Kuban -Sedin "(Krasnodar)," UGMK-Elem "(Verkhnyaya Pyshma)," Neftegrad "(Almetyevsk)," Hydromet "(St. Petersburg).

UMMC won the final of the Moscow region "Sparta & K" and became a club champion of the country. Third place went to "Torch-Gazprom", without any problems winning on aggregate Kazan "Kazan" - 3: 0, 3: 1.

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Game Protocols

FNTR Team Championship. Men's Premier League. Playoffs. Sochi. 22-26 June 2016

1.UGMK (Verkhnyaya Pyshma)

2. "Sparta & K" (Vidnoe)

3. "Torch-Gazprom" (Orenburg)

4. "Kazan" (Kazan)

5. "UGMK-Elem" (Verkhnyaya Pyshma)

6. "Hydromet" (St. Petersburg)

7. "Sedin Kuban" (Krasnodar)

8. "Neftegrad" (Almetyevsk)

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The tournament's teams have played, "Rodina-FNT AO" (Arkhangelsk), "TMK-Tagmet" (Taganrog), "Sparta & K" (Vidnoe), "Horizon" (Ekaterinburg), ULCC "Luch-Vladimir" (Vladimir) "Kazan" (Kazan), the CST "Tyumen" (Tyumen), "Sports School № 13" (Nizhny Novgorod).

Sensational result was in the final of the women's Premier League. "TMK-Tagmet", coming to the final, gave battle to the undisputed leader of the competition "Rodina-FNT JSC". Taganrog team was able to win the second match of the final series with a better difference and become a champion. Third place was shared by "Sparta & K" and SKNT "Luch-Vladimir."

Game protocols

FNTR Team Championship. Women's Premier League. Playoffs. Sochi.

1. "TMK-Tagmet" (Taganrog)

2. "Motherland-FNT AO" (Arkhangelsk)

3. "Sparta & K" (Vidnoe)

4. "Luch-Vladimir" (Vladimir)

5. "Kazan" (Kazan)

6. "Horizon" (Ekaterinburg)

7. "Sports School № 13" (Nizhny Novgorod)

8. "Tyumen" (Tyumen)

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Detailed statistics available on the website FNTR.

The official technical partner of the playoff games was the company Start Line. The final stage of the championship team FNTR-2015/16 took place on the tables «Champion», the first Russian tennis tables corresponding to all the requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

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