FNTR Team Championships in the men's and women's Premier league. The playoffs. First day


From 21 to 26 June in Sochi on the sports base "South Sports" will be held the final stage of the Team Championship FNTR in the men's and women's Premier league.

Company Start Line is the official technical partner of the playoff games and gives his professional tennis equipment. The final stage FNTR KCH-2015/16 will take place on the tables «Champion», first Russian table tennis, meet all requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Schedule playoff season 2015/16. Men

Schedule playoff season 2015/16. Women

Determine the winners playoff CN FNTR in the Women's Premier League, held in Sochi from 22 to 26 June 2016.

Tennis players "Ray-Vladimir" composed of Mary Vinogradova Svetlana and Irina Ermakova Krekinoy easily broke the barrier in the form of Nizhny Novgorod "Sports School 13" - 3: 0. Only Valerie Bagapovoy managed to pull the nerves Ermakova, bringing the score in the first two games to the account 10:10. But in both cases the decisive 11th point was for the athlete from Vladimir. Now, for the semi-finals, "Ray" to meet with "Horizon" from Ekaterinburg.

Athletes "Kazan", which made for Antonina Savelyev, Elsa Shibaeva and Svetlana Mokhnacheva also confidently beat rivals from "Tyumen" - 3: 1. In the 1/4 final they will meet with the Moscow club "Sparta & K".

Position FNTR KCH-2015/16


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