Start Line Cup 2016. Results.



This is the second year the company Start Line together with the Table Tennis Federation of Krasnodar Region, holding the edge XXII open tournament in memory with support of Russian Table Tennis Federation AI Protsenko Cup for the prizes of the "Start Line" in the Southern Federal District, the town of Slavyansk-on-Kuban.


Cup "Start Line" - the tournament with its own history, which can safely be called a success. The main objective of the tournament is to promote table tennis and develop the best traditions of table tennis in Russia.

Especially for the tournament Start Line provides its tennis equipment and tables Professional Series «Champion» - the first Russian tennis tables corresponding to all the requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).



Compete for prizes from the Start Line of athletes gathered not only from the Southern region of Russia, but also the cities of the Central Federal District and the Republic of Abkhazia. For three days passed games in subgroups of three age categories for boys and girls: 2007 and younger 2005 and younger 2002 and under.



To participate in the competition this year was declared 314 people from 31 cities: Moscow, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Yalta, Novorossiysk, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Gelendzhik, Tuapse and Sukhumi, Slavyansk-na-Kubani, Bataisk, Armavir, Taganrog, Abinsk, Orekhovo-Zyevo, Reutov, Novopokrovcky, Kanevskaya, Seversk, Apsheronsk, Vyselki, Novoshakhtinsk, Korenovsk, Krylovskaya, Millerovo, Uspensky, Temryuk Tikhoretsk, Nevinnomyssk, Nartkala.



Fight for prizes in all age groups was very hard. Each of the participants differently perceived as a victory or defeat. Someone just happily shook hands with his opponent, but someone so emotionally expressed his joy that was going around the weight of wanting to congratulate the winner!

On the first day of the athletes competed group born in 2007 and younger.


Winners in the age category of girls born in 2007 and younger:

I place - Chernopolskaya Vera (Yalta)

II place - Side Alexandra (Orehovo-Zuevo)

III place - Yuliya Garmash (Taganrog)

IV place - Yana Kazakova (Voronezh)

V place - Galenko Alain (Slavyansk-na-Kubani)

Winners in the age category of boys born in 2007 and younger:

I place - Sergei Davrishev (Sochi)

I place - Tolchan Alexander (Sochi)

III place - Ruslan Adigezalov (Armavir)

IV place - Vladimir Kurdyukov (Labinsk)

V place - Nikolay Markov (Labinsk)

2007_m_05_SL_2016.jpg 2007_m_06_SL_2016.jpg 2007_m_07_SL_2016.jpg

On the second day of the Cup athletes competed Group 2005 birth and younger.

Winners in the age group girls in 2005 birth and younger:
I place - Bordyugovskaya Maria (Krasnodar)
II place -  Shevchuk Anastasia(Kanevskaya)
III place - Umanets Sofia (Krasnodar)
IV place - Klepneva Victoria (Krylovskaya)
V place - Kochova Laura (Gelendzhik)

2005_d_12_SL_2016.jpg 2005_d_13_SL_2016.jpg 2005_d_14_SL_2016.jpg

The winners of the boys in the age group of birth 2005 and younger:

I place - Alexander Warlock (Krasnodar)

II place - Sergey Gorelov (Moscow)

III place - Nikolay Drozdov (Rostov-on-Don)

IV place -  Aldar Erentsenov (Krasnodar)

V place - Alexander Cherkashin (Krasnodar)

2005_m_15_SL_2016.jpg 2005_m_16_SL_2016.jpg 2005_m_17_SL_2016.jpg

On the third day of competition in 2002 a group of athletes were Cup year of birth and younger.

Winners in the age category of women born in 2002 and younger:
I place - Rakova Maria (Krasnodar)
II place - Kalashnikov Evelina (Novorossiysk)
III place - Bordyugovskaya Maria (Krasnodar)
IV place - Kazantsev Arina (Krasnodar)
V place - Klepneva Victoria (Krylovskaya)

 2002_d_12_SL_2016.jpg 2002_d_13_SL_2016.jpg 2002_d_14_SL_2016.jpg

Winners in the age category of boys born in 2002 and younger:

I place - Maksim Bokov (Moscow)

II place - Ruslan Circassian (Slavyansk-na-Kubani)

III place - Alexander Warlock (Krasnodar)

IV place - Stashkovsky Gleb (Reutov)

V place - Vladimir Shilov (Orehovo-Zuevo)


Start Line Company thanks all competitors, coaches and the panel of judges for the successful conduct of the work and will be happy to welcome all to the next Cup "Start Line"!


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