Results of the V Russian rating table tennis tournament Cup "Start Line".


Every year, the company Start Line in conjunction with Table Tennis Federation Novosibirsk region, conduct all-Russian rating table tennis tournament Cup "Start Line", which is included in the official calendar Table Tennis Federation of Russia.


Cup "Start Line" - a tournament with its history, which can safely be called a success. The main purpose of the tournament is to promote table tennis and develop the best traditions of table tennis in Russia.

Especially for the tournament Start Line provides its tennis equipmentand eighteen tables Professional Series «Champion» - the first professional tennis tables, accredited by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)


To compete for prizes from Start Line has not only the whole of Siberia, but also the city of Trans-Baikal Territory, the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia. Within three days, games were held in sub-groups of three age categories in boys and girls: 1998 born in 2001 born in 2004 and younger.


Once again, we note that to participate in the competition this year was declared a record number of athletes - 320 men. Number of people willing to take part in the Cup is growing (in 2014 in the Siberian Cup involved 288 people). During the tournament all participants were organized free food and water. And all the players received commemorative souvenirs "Start Line". 



Fight for prizes in all age groups was very hard. Each of the participants differently perceived as victory and defeat. Someone just happily shook hands with his opponent, but someone so emotionally expressed his joy that was going around a mass of wanting to congratulate the winner!


Butakova Jeanne (Abakan) won among the age group born in 1998 girls.

2nd place - Fedoretc Anastasia (Abakan)

3rd place - Lyudmila Shvaiko (Angarsk)

The protocol of the finals born in 1998 (women)


The winner among boys born in 1998 Alexander Belousov became (Berdsk).

2nd place - Masover Andrew (g.Banaul)

3rd place - Pavel Gavrilov (Abakan)

The protocol of the finals born in 1998 (boys)


Category 2001 born (boys)
1st place - Masover Andrew (Barnaul)
2nd place - Dennis Tebenklv (Abakan)
3rd place - Pavel Gavrilov (g Abakan)
The protocol of the final 2001 born (boys)


Category 2001 born (girls)

1st place - Valeria Burdin (Novosibirsk).

2nd place - Pogosyants Arina (Angarsk)

3rd place - Ekaterina Abramova (Abakan)

The protocol of the final 2001 born (girls)


Category 2004 born (boys)

1st place - Perfil'ev Alex (Barnaul)

2nd place - Shuldyk Ivan (Angarsk)

3rd place - Vladimir Avdeyev (Biysk)

The protocol of the final 2004 born (boys)


Category 2004 born (girls)

1st place - Ekaterina Grushin (Osinniki)

2nd place - Ruzanova Diana (Novosibisrk)

3rd place - Lobashkova Daria (Zelenogorsk)

The protocol of the final 2004 born (girls)


At the end of the final day we would like to note that the major prizes won mostly athletes from Siberia, occasionally giving way to the guests from the Krasnodar Territory and the Irkutsk Region. Winners of the Cup "Start Line" were awarded cups, diplomas, medals, prizes and gifts. In addition, players who took 4th and 5th place, received consolation prizes. Also, trainers and prize-winners of the competition winners were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

Start Line Company thanks all participants, trainers and the panel of judges for the successful conduct of the work and will be happy to welcome you at the next Cup "Start Line"!

Full photo report you can look for link.

Cup Announcement "Start Line"

Results of the first day's play
Results of the second day's play

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