Start Line Cup 2015.Tournament Results


Under the aegis of the Start Line and the Table Tennis Federation of Krasnodar Region, with the support of  Russian Table Tennis FederationXXI kicked open edges tournament in memory of A.I Protsenko on Cup "Start Line"
Start Line Company has provided for a tournament his professional tennis equipment. The tournament is held on the tables «Champion», the first Russian tennis tables corresponding to all requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).    

Tables «Champion» successfully proven themselves in these tournaments as:  
Cup "Start Line" - Russian ranking table tennis tournament III,IIIIV.   
Tournament memory of Ararat Rshtuni201220132014 
MGFSO Open Cup for the prizes of "Starting Line" 2014 
SFD Team Championship in table tennis 2015 

Competitions were held from May 19 to May 23, 2015 in Slavyansk-on-Kuban, in SC "Leader". In the season 2015 Cup "Start Line" was first held in the territory of the Southern Federal District. Budding athletes come to compete for valuable prizes from Start Line. The number of participants was a record for all Cup history "Start Line"The tournament brought together 423 participants from the region:

Subjects of the Russian Federation –   Krasnodar region, Rostov region, Stavropol, Volgograd region, Voronezh region, Kabardino-Balkaria, Republic of Crimea, the republic of Abkhazia, Republic of Kalmykia, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. 
Krasnodar region: Slavic area, Korenovskiy district, Krasnodar, the Caucasus region, Timashevsk area Tikhoretsk district, Sochi, Armavir, Kanevski region, Tuapse district, Absheron region, Novorossiysk, Seversky district, Vyselkovsky area Krylovskaya area Labinskiy district, Temryuk district, Abinsk district, Novopokrovskiy area, Bryukhovetsky district, Belorechesky district, Gelendzhik.

Stavropol Territory: Nevinomisska

Volgograd region: Volzhsky, Volgograd

Voronezh Region: Voronezh

Kabardino-Balkar Republic: Nalchik

Respublika Krym: Kerch, Yalta

The Republic of Abkhazia: Sukhumi

Yamalo-German autonomous region: Novy Urengoy

Republic of Kalmykia: Lagan  


Age category Girls born at 2006 and younger:

1st place - Umanets Sofia (Krasnodar)

2nd place - Klepneva Victoria (Krylovskaya district)

3rd place - Anastasia Shevchuk (Kanevski district)

4th place - Irina Leonova (Volzhsky)

5th place - Alexander Krylov (Slavic area)


Age category Girls born in 2004 and younger:

1st place - Victoria Petrova (Krylovskaya district)

2nd place - Siropova Maria (Volzhsky)

3rd place - Kvarchia Erica (Sukhum)

4th place - Bordyugovskaya Maria (Krasnodar)

5th place - Olinichenko Regina (Kanevski district)


Age category Girls born in 2000 and younger:

1st place - Gergova Amina (Nalchik)

2nd place - Smolyaninova Tatiana (Rostov-on-Don)

3rd place - Pashchenko Daria (Absheron district)

4th place - Mariya Rakova (Krasnodar)

5th place - Kvarchia Erica (Sukhum)


Age category Girls born in 1994:

1st place -Gladkaya Natalia (Novy Urengoy)

2nd place - Hadzegova Bella (Nalchik)

3rd place - Mariya Rakova (Krasnodar)

4th place - Pashchenko Daria (Absheron district)

5th place - Gergova Amina (Nalchik)      



Age category Boys born in 2006 and younger:

1st place - Dmitry Nikiforov (Absheron district)

2d place - Savely Pudovinnikov (Krylovskaya district)

3rd place - Nizametdinov Daniel (Tuapse district)

4th place - Sosnitsky Nikita (Novorossiysk)

5th place - Iutin Bogdan (Novorossiysk)


Возрастная категория Мальчики 2004 г.р. и моложе:  

1 место – Матцев Сергей (г. Воронеж)  
2 место – Черкашин Александр (г. Краснодар)  
3 место – Ямпилец Никита (Северский район)  
4 место – Дроздов Николай (г. Ростов-на-Дону)  
5 место – Вагин захар (г. Краснодар)  


Возрастная категория Мальчики 2000 г.р. и моложе:  

1 место – Бесчастный Юрий (г. Краснодар)  
2 место – Черкес Руслан (Славянский район)  
3 место – Иванов Глеб (г. Краснодар)  
4 место – Баранов Андрей (Новопокровский район)  
5 место – Бадмаев Баир (г. Краснодар) 

Age category Boys born in 1994 .:

1st place - Mikhail Ivanov (Krasnodar)

2nd place - Andrei Baranov (Novopokrovskiy District)

3rd place - Konov Islam (Nalchik)

4th place - Gleb Ivanov (Krasnodar)

5th place - Ilya Borodin (Yalta)  


Competitors prize winners were awarded with diplomas, medals and prizes from "Start Line".

Coaches who prepared the winners of the competition in each of the age categories, were awarded diplomas.

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