XXXIV table tennis tournament in honor of the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The results.


The tournament is held for the 34th time and collects the best young athletes from all over Siberia and other Russian cities.

At the tournament, registered 252 participants from 15 cities in Russia and abroad. Pleased with the appearance of participants from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Recall that in 2014 the total number of participants was 240 people. 

Company Start Line was the official technology partner of the tournament and gave his professional tennis equipment.
The tournament was held on the tables «Champion», first Russian tennis tables, meet all the requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).








XXXIV results of table tennis tournament at the Victory in the Great Patriotic War:

Girls born in 2004 and younger:

1.Ruzanova Diana

2.Zaytseva Xenia

3.Kolmakova Veronica

Girls born 2001 and younger:

1.Irina Rybnikova


3. Gaponchik Sofia

Boys born in 2001 and younger:

1.Masover Andrew

2. Dmitry Osipov

3.Tebenkov Denis

Girls born in 1998 and younger:

1.Irina Nefedova

2.Kirova Anastasia

3.Evteeva Catherine

Boys born in 1998 and younger:

1. Alexander Belousov

2. Viktor Kirichenko

3. Suldin Vyacheslav

The full summary protocols available there.

Photos provided by - Yasukevich S.M    

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