Championship SFD. Results of individual and pair championship.


From 19 to 25 January, was held in Novosibirsk Russian Championship Table Tennis Siberian Federal District.
The championship was held under the auspices of Russian Table Tennis Federation, Table Tennis Federation of the Novosibirsk Region, Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Novosibirsk region, as well as the direct support of the Company Start Line and the UK "Crystal".
Company Start Line - technical partner of the Russian Championship in table tennis SFD
Start Line Company has provided for their professional tournament tennis equipment. Russian Championship was held on 16 tables «Champion», First Russian tennis tables, meet all the requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).  2S0A1177.jpg
To participate in the team championship was declared 10 men's teams and 6 women's teams.

Results of the Individual Championship (women):
1st place Dashkevich Xenia (Kemerovo region).
2nd place Oserdnikova Elena (Kemerovo region).
3rd place Nefedova Irina (Republic of Khakassia)

Minutes of personal superiority among women.


Results of the Individual Championship (men):

1st place Zhukov Alexei (Republic of Khakassia)

2nd place Bagiyan Stepan (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

3rd place Yermolaev Roman (Republic of Khakassia)

3rd place Postnikov Mikhail (Kemerovo region).

Minutes of personal superiority among men.


Results of paired championship (women):

1st place Tormozakova V.-Ivanov D.

2nd place Oserdnikova E.- Dashkevich K.

3rd place Nefedov IV - Vasilyeva A.

3rd place Kuklin T. - Andreeva A.

Protocol pair championship among women.


Results of paired Championship (men):

1st place Zhukov A. - Yermolaev R.

2nd place Mukambetov M. - Kir'yanov I.

3rd place Pylypets V. - Vartanov R.

3rd Osipov V. - Elizarov E.

Протокол парного первенства среди мужчин.

Results of paired Championship - Mixed couples:

1st place Zhukov A. - Tormozakova 

2nd place Vartanov R. - Nefedova I.

3rd place Nenashkin E. - Andreeva A.

3rd place Tsybikdorzhiev D. - Miller V.

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