The results of the IV all-Russian rating table tennis tournament Cup "Start Line".


Every year, the company "Start Line", in conjunction with the Table Tennis Federation of the Novosibirsk region, spend all the Russias rating table tennis tournament Cup "Start Line", which is included in the official calendar of the Table Tennis Federation of Russia.

The main goal of the tournament is to promote table tennis and develop the best traditions of table tennis in Russia.

To compete for prizes from the "Start Line" gathered not only the whole of Siberia, but also the city of Trans-Baikal Territory and the Irkutsk region.


Within three days, the game took place in subgroups of 3 age groups in men and women: 1997 born in 2000 born in 2003 and younger.


Once again, we note that to participate in the competition this year was declared 288 players, which again increased last year's figure (In 2013, the Cup "Start Line" was attended by 264 people).

Throughout the tournament for all participants was organized free food and water.


Fight for prizes in each age group was very hard. Admiring exclamations of fans from the stands, the joy of victory and the tears of defeat. All this has created a truly exciting atmosphere.

1997 год девочки.jpg

In the photo: Anastasiya Remez (Blagoveschenka) Baluhtina Anastasia (Novosibirsk), Ohrinets Elizabeth (Chita), Mikhail Tarasov (director of "Start Line").

Baluhtina Anastasia (Novosibirsk) won among the age group born in 1997 the girls.

1997 парни с тренерами.jpg

Photo: Ayurov Donduk (Agin) with coach Shoyzholvym DO, Viktor Kirichenko (Blagoveshchensk) with coach Remez AV, Belousov Alexander (Berdsk) with coach Nikitenko I.N

The winner in the most adult group guys (born in 1997) became Kirichenko Victor (Blagoveschenka). He showed a professional and very emotional game and won a new tablet Ipad mini.

Note and other winners of the Cup "Start Line" 2014:

Category born in 1997 (boys):

1. Viktor Kirichenko (Blagoveschenka)

2. Ayurov Donduk (Aginsk)

3. Alexander Belousov (Berdsk)

2000 год мальчики.jpg

The photo Shvayko Ruslan (Angarsk) Ayurov Donduk (Agin) with coach Shoyzholovym DO, Dmitry Osipov (Zelenogorsk).

Category born in 2000 (boys)

1. Ayurov Donduk (Agin)

2. Shvayko Ruslan (Angarsk)

3. Dmitry Osipov (Zelenogorsk)

2003 мальчики.jpg

Photo: Denis Polosuhin (Stone Obi), Vyacheslav Diachkov (Chita) with coach Kapustin IV, Zvyagintsev Artem (Omsk) with coach Alexander Polishchuk

Category born in 2003 and younger (boys)

1. Diachkov Vyacheslav (Chita)

2. Polosuhin Denis (Stone Obi)

3. Zvyagintsev Artem (Omsk)

Winners of the tournament among girls:

Category born in 1997 (girls)

1. Baluhtina Anstasiya (Novosibirsk)

2. Remez Anastasia (Blgoveschenka)

3. Ohrimets Elizabeth (Chita).


Photo: Yaroslav Petrochenko (Zelenogorsk), Balandin Catherine (Kemerovo), Galinduhina Julia (Novosibirsk), director of "Start Line" Mikhail Tarasov.

Category born in 2000 (girls)

1. Balandina Catherine (Kemerovo)

2. Petrochenko Yaroslav (Zelenogorsk)

3. Golenduhina Julia (Novosibirsk)

2003 девочки.jpg

Photo: Ekaterina Nazarova (Abakan) Ruzanova Diana (Novosibirsk), Lobashkova Daria (Zelenogorsk).

Category born in 2003 and younger (girls)

1. Ruzanova Diana (Novosibirsk)

2. Nazarova Ekaterina (Abakan)

3. Lobashkova Daria (Zelenogorsk).


Photo: Diana Ruzanova (Zelenogorsk).

To view the full report of competitions you can here:

Final Protocol.

Winners of the Cup "Start Line" were awarded trophies, diplomas, medals, prizes and gifts. In addition, players who finished 4th, received consolation prizes. Just coach the winners of the competition were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

Photo: The winners of IV All-Russian Cup ranking event "Start Line".

All competitors received souvenirs to commemorate the participation in the IV-th All-Russian ranking table tennis tournament Cup "Start Line".

The company "Start Line" supports the development of table tennis in the Russian regions and two gift certificates for professional tennis tables «Champion», went to Omsk and Chita.

Azarov Gregory (6 years) from Novosibirsk was awarded a special prize as the youngest participant of the tournament.

Photo: Gregory Azarov (Novosibirsk) and Mikhail Tarasov (director of "Start Line").

Photoalbum you can watch here 

In the future, the Company "Start Line" is planning to hold this cup in other regions of Russia.

The company "Start Line" to thank all the participants, trainers and the panel of judges for the successful conduct of the work and will be happy to welcome you at the next tournament Cup "Start Line"!


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