The opening of the biggest table tennis club START LINE Volga


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In Volgograd, September 19, 2014 the opening of the biggest club tennis START LINE Volga.
The club is equipped with tennis tables START LINE and table tennis equipment.

At the opening were invited not only associates and partners in the project, but also the authorities, Volgograd athletes, representatives of the Volgograd Table Tennis Federation, the deputies.
First Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs IV Kozlov said that the opening of the club - a momentous event also because that area is open for investment funds, but not at the expense of the budget. Table tennis is included in the process of preparing young people in accordance with the TRP.
Olympic champion Elena Slesarenko wished the club to grow on its site a true champion who will glorify Volgograd and Russia!

Following the official part of the first tournament was held among the journalists and bloggers who were fighting for the top places in the individual standings.
We congratulate the winners and participants of the first tournament and invite all those who wish for good health and good humor to our table tennis club. 
START LINE Volga offers a variety of team and individual programs, including child opens the social direction in table tennis. As actively engaged in the formation of League.

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