Cup "Start Line" in Moscow. Tournament results


In the Moscow sports complex "Chertanovo" completed nation-wide competition in table tennis - Cup "Start Line".


The number of participants exceeded our expectations and was about 400chelovek from different regions of  Russia. The tournament was played by representatives of  Moscow, Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Tula Oblast, Arkhangelsk, Voronezh, Smolensk, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Voronezh and Tomsk.


After three days of play competition, participants decided the final match.

The tournament for boys and girls born in 2003 and younger in the decisive game for the gold medal met Vladislav Makarov - Sergei Rams and Milena Schatiloff - Natalia Kupriyanov.

The winners were Natalia and Vladislav Makarov Kupriyanov. Through their fights: Milena Schatiloff - Natalia Kupriyanov (0: 3), Vladislav Makarov - Sergei Rams (3: 1).

1. Natalia Kupriyanov (Moscow)

2. Milena Schatiloff (Moscow)

3. Margarita Evstigneeva (Moscow)

3. Elena Tikhonenkova (Zhukovsky)

1. Vladislav Makarov (Moscow)

2. Sergey Rams (Nizhny Novgorod)

3. Yuri Shishkin (Shchekino, Tula region)

3. Sergey Ignatov (Moscow)


The young men and women (2000-2002 b) in the main meetings of the tournament played Dmitry Levayats - Jaroslav Evseev and Anastasia Fomin - Anna Popova.


Here, the championship was for Anna Popova and Jaroslav Evseev. Final score: Anastasia Fomin - Anna Popova (0: 3), Dmitry Levayats - Jaroslav Evseev (0: 3).

1. Anna Popova (Arkhangelsk)

2. Anastasiya Fomin (Arkhangelsk)

3. Xenia Khurtsilava (Moscow)

3. Alina Garshina (Voronezh)

1. Ярослав Евсеев (Москва)

2. Дмитрий Левайац (Москва)

3. Егор Шемелин (Нижний Новгород)

3. Мазан Эрдни-Горяев(Москва)


And in the open tournament (no age limit) to the final match got Anna Kozlovskaja Anastasia Golubeva and Ilya Shamin Sergei Filchevym. It was they who played the main awards of the tournament for the prizes of the "Start Line".


The winners in the older group were Anna Kozlovsky and Sergei Filchev, their fights ended with the same score - 3: 2.

1. Anna Kozlovsky (Moscow)

2. Anastasia Golubeva (Moscow)

3. Catherine Kuchenkova (Moscow)

3. Tatiana Mikhailova (Moscow)

1. Sergey Filchev (Voronezh)

2. Ilya Shamin (Moscow)

3. Alexander Kosenok (Arkhangelsk)

3. Kirill Vorobyev (Arkhangelsk)


Complete results you can download IS THERE.

Program Match Point offers you a record of these meetings.

In addition, you can view the photo gallery (Photo Part 2) by Alexei Lomaeva.


The company "Start Line" Congratulations to the winners of the tournament, as well as to thank all the participants and expects next year our event!

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