Novosibirsk hosted the annual table tennis tournament in honor of the Victory in the great Patriotic war.


This tournament is being held for the 33rd time and collecting the best young athletes from all over Siberia and other Russian cities.


In 2013 in Novosibirsk came about three hundred athletes from 17 cities, the most distant of which was the Tyumen and Tula, in 2014 the total number of participants counted 240 people.

Company Start Line is an official partner table tennis Federation Novosibirsk region and provided their equipment in these competitions.


The competition was held in three age categories:

  1. boys and girls born in 1997 and younger
  2. boys and girls born in 2000 and younger
  3. boys and girls born in 2003 and younger

In addition, the drawing was held and medals in the doubles tournament, as well as in mixed doubles tournament.


We present to your attention the winners in each age group:

Girls 2003 R. (Final Protocol)

1. Danyluk Jan (Novokuznetsk)

2. Grebneva Jan (Abakan)

3. Minchenkova Anastasia (Novosibirsk)

Boys 2003, p. (Final Protocol)

1. Zvyagintsev Artem (Omsk)

2. Polosuhin Denis (Novosibirsk)

3. Tikhomolov Yaroslav (Novosibirsk)

Girls 2000, p. (Final Protocol)

1. Burdygina Valeria (Novosibirsk)

2. Grandoken Julia (Novosibirsk)

3. Fedorchenko Daria (Abakan)

Boys 2000 R. (Final Protocol)

1. Nikita Kuznetsov (Abakan)

2. Tudorache George (Abakan)

3. Yevtushenko, Sergey (Novosibirsk)


Girls 1997 R. (Final Protocol)

1. Burdygina Of Vlarea (Novosibirsk)

2. Miller Daria (Novosibirsk)

3. Wires Anastasia (Blagoveshenka)

Boys 1997, p. (Final Protocol)

1. Bolgov Nikita (Kemerovo)

2. Yuri Rychkov (Omsk)

3. Privalov Dmitry (Kemerovo)


The doubles tournament. Boys 1997, p. (Final Protocol)

1. Bolgov Nikita/Privalov Dmitry

2. Yuri Rychkov /Evgeny Fomin

3. Chernoglazov Nikita / Rauf Huseynov

The doubles tournament. Girls 1997 R. (Final Protocol)

1. Miller Daria/Emelyanova Lada

2. Remez Anastasia/Grandoken Julia

3. Clemency Eleanor/Filjushina Alina

The doubles tournament. Boys 2000 R. (Final Protocol)

1. Nikita Kuznetsov/Codahale George

2. Melenchuk Danil/Rauf Huseynov

3. Kornilov Nikita/ Lower Roman

The doubles tournament. Girls 2000, p. (Final Protocol)

1. Fedorchenko Daria/ Grandoken Julia

2. Maria Zaitseva/ Valery Kirillov

3. Burdygina Valeria/Dremaretskaya

The doubles tournament. Boys 2003, p. (Final Protocol)

1. Lower Roman/Zvyagintsev Artem

2. Tikhomolov Yaroslav/Polosuhin Denis

3. Ilya Popov/Soloviev Danil

The doubles tournament. Girls 2003 R. (Final Protocol)

1. Ksenia Zaitseva/Jan Grebneva

2. Dudchenko Julia/ Zhukovskaya Maya

3. Danyluk Jan/ Kudryashova Catherine

The doubles tournament. Mixed 2003, p. (Final Protocol)

1. Polosuhin Denis/Danyluk Jan

2. Zvyagintsev Artem/Kudryashova Catherine

3. Soloviev Danil/Dudchenko Julia

The doubles tournament. Mixed 2000, p. (Final Protocol)

1. Huseynov Ruaf/Burdygina Valeria

2. Nikita Kuznetsov/Fedorchenko Daria

3. Melenchuk Danil/Dremaretskaya

The doubles tournament. Mixed 1997, p. (Final Protocol)

1. Miller Daria/Evgeny Fomin

2. Privalov Dmitry/Clemency Eleanor

3. Remez Anastasia/Yuri Rychkov


Company Start Line has awarded the winners of the doubles tournament prizes, as well as identified special prize

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