The command "Start Line" - Members of the Russian Club Championship in table tennis!


Company Start Line became the official sponsor of the Club's Championship
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The team "Start Line" includes:

Akzhol Alimbek (CMS)

Sergey Mitrofanov (MS)

Egor Nenashkin (MS)

Anton Nikitenko (MS)

Nikita Petrov (CMS)

Head Coach: Mitrofanov Yuri Mikhailovich

The command "Start Line" appears in the Major Leagues A in its active participation in the three stages of the Russian Club Championship, which took place in the city of Lukhovitsy (14-17 November 2013.), St. Petersburg (December 12-15, 2013.) And Samara (11-14 February 2014.).

The fourth round will be held in the city of Kolomna (18-21 April 2014), the results of which will be determined by the team, qualified in the playoffs.

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We wish the team the "Start Line" successful performance in the fourth stage of the Russian Club Championship.

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