With the support of Start Line tournament held media on table tennis in memory of Vladimir Rakhmatullina.


The tournament was attended by more than 30 athletes in team and individual Championships.

Before the championship was held the draw for team captains.


The results of the team competition was a team CTC, which has not suffered a single defeat won gold medals.


The second place team UTS, the third - To-Novosibirsk.


_ In the individual championship was more dramatic struggle with the stubborn final match was won by the team captain STS, master of sports of badminton - Yevgeny Savchenko.


The winners of the championship media:

1. STS - WORLD, 4 wins, 8 points
2. OTS, 3 wins, 7 points
3. Lead-Novosibirsk, 2 wins, 6 points

The results of personal superiority:

1. Yevgeny Savchenko (CTC)
2. Anatoly Sensin (OTS)
3. Dmitry Sidko (HC Sibselmash/

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