The children's table Start Line at the lowest price!


Junior- tennis table for the kids and the whole family. Now only 2 730 rubles! Mesh included. Dimensions: length 136 cm, width 76 cm, height 65 see


Table tennis is a great way to strengthen health and development of personal qualities of the child with the lowest degree danger of injury during practice.

The child taking the racket, not only gets positive emotions, but also useful. Many sports require boring repetitive exercises aimed at developing the muscles. Not each child have the patience for such training. In the game is a balanced combination of moderate muscle tension and versatile motor activity. Table tennis develops quickness reactions, acute care, the coordination of movements.

On special small tables for children 5 - 6 years training with racket and ball, mastering the rules of the game and developing the thinking and ability to move. Exercises with the racket contribute to the development of hand muscles, preparing her to mastering writing skills.


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