Compact Expert Indoor tennis table is a new compact model of tennis table with unique transformation mechanism.


 Compact Expert Indoor tennis table is a new compact model of  tennis table with unique transformation mechanism. 640х192_Compact_Expert_Indoor.jpg

Start Line LLC produced and designed new table tennis table — Compact Expert Indoor. It's a Compact table for playing indoor. The new development of Start Line design's bureau combines modern table construction methods, advanced transformation technologies and expressive design. The size of the tennis table satisfies to international standards. The new unique folding system has been designed in the table — and improved mechanism allows one person to fold table easily and quickly lay out it. Special strong clamps are fixed in unfolded and folded positions. The model is very compact and it takes minimum place for keeping at storage. The availability of rubbered shunting wheels promotes the table's movement to the acceptable area. Adjustable height of side support braces makes it possible to set the playing field's level, even on an uneven surface. The construction provides some area for racket storage in special side pockets

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Color: blue, white, red, black.
Playing field: wood chipboard 16 mm with melamine covering (production: Russia-Germany)
Net: built-in with a straining mechanism.
Facing: PVC 0.45 mm. Metal facing 40mm with polymer covering.

Frame: steel with polymer covering. Unique transformation mechanism. Compact folding system with double locking mechanism of playing field. Side support braces are adjustable by height.
Transport system: double rubber coated rollers with 125mm diameter and two sides shunting.

Size (international standard): length 274 cm, width 152.5 cm, height 76 cm
Folded size: length 155 cm, width 66 cm, height 159 cm.
Package size: length 157 cm, width 15 cm, height 141 cm.
Table weight: 69.5 kg.
Weight in package: 79.5 kg.
Item: 6042-2

You can buy the new Compact Expert Indoor tennis table at each Start Line LLC's store, at the retail stores of the extensive Start Line dealer network and by ordering and online payment from our website.

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