XVI All-Russian tournament in memory of A.G. Rshtuni. Games and results.



All-Russian Table Tennis tournament was held in Berdsk from 17-th to 23-d of September, which was dedicated to the memory of the USSR Master of Sports Ararat Rshtuni. The strongest tennis players from the Urals to the Far East were gathered in CSKA ”Vega” of the “Kristall” club, which is a traditional place for competitions of this level. This tournament opens a new autumn-winter season In the single sports calendar of Russia. Being an official partner of the FNTR and the Table Tennis Federation of the Novosibirsk Region, Start Line LLC is a regular technical partner of the A.G. Rshtuni and provides its professional tennis equipment. In recent years, the tournament has confidently entered to the top competitions for tennis players in Russia. Therefore, such a sports sold-out in Berdsk is quite natural.

The competitions have been held for five days. The program opens a master tournament - for fans of table tennis, and which is the opportunity to enjoy the game experienced athletes.The director of the Novosibirsk Table Tennis Federation Larisa Ganikhina shared her opinion: "About 20 regions were declared this year, and this is also a peculiar record. And at this tournament the first eight performs became the title of the master of sports of Russia".

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The master of sports (Abakan town) Mikhail Bykov told : "From Siberia to the Far East - this is the only tournament where you can perform, so many regions come here. In general, large number arrived this year. The geography of the tournament is very good"

The Master of Sports (Berdsk town) Anton Nikitenko said : "The strong athlete has come from Orenburg city. Alexei Zhukov came from Abakan too. Two such ranking sportmen are good players. Masters among 20-30 years are exactly here. So it will not be easy for a master to perform, to someone who is not a master. "

The team from Abakan town is one of the contenders for the prizes. It is headed by Alexei Zhukov. Alexey became the absolute champion of Siberia this year.

The candidate for master of sports (Abakan town) Pavel Gavrilov told: "We will try to take a place higher than last year. We will fight and will go to the finals first. The rivals came very strong from different cities. There will be a very tight struggle"

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The bosses of the tournament who are tennis players of the Novosibirsk region, were carefull in the forecasts. To claim for medals with such a composition of participants is not an easy task.
Therefore, one of the main tasks for the coaches of the Novosibirsk team at this tournament was to give game practice to young tennis players, to teach them to acquire experience in meetings with experienced athletes.
The Master of Sports (Berdsk town )Anton Nikitenko said : "The young generation is growing. They need experience, this tournament is very important for them. We do not have a lot of rating tournaments in our region. This one is one of those"

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In the competitions the winners were determined:
Girls of 2007 years and younger:
1. Vandakurova Olga (Biysk towm)
2. Dorzhieva Anita (Ulan-Ude town)
3. Sulaeva Victoria (Ulan-Ude town)

Boys of 2007 years and younger:
1. Samokhin Alexey (Novokuznetsk town)
2. Rahuba Nikita (Kemerovo town)
3. Ilyichev Lev (Biysk town)

Girls of 2004 years:
1. Kolmakova Veronica (Abakan town)
2. Ruzanova Diana (Novosibirsk city)
3. Lobashkova Darya (Zelenogorsk town)

Boys of 2004 years:
1. Gulyaev Nikita (Yekaterinburg city)
2. Karlash Zahar (Kemerovo town)
3. Samokhin Alexey (Novokuznetsk town)

Girls of 2001 years. and younger:
1. Makunina Yana (Abakan town)
2. Belomestnyh Anastasia (Chita city)
3. Snezhko Valentina (Chita city)

Boys of 2001 years and younger:
1. Shvayko Ruslan (Samara city)
2. Poteryakhin Nikita (Yekaterinburg city)
3. Shepetnev Dmitry (Yekaterinburg city)

Transaction: The final stage of the children

Traditionally, being a technical partner, Start Line LLC provided its tennis equipment. The tournament is held on professional tennis tables - Champion – is the first Russian tennis tables accredited by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).


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