XXXVII Russian Tournament in honor of the Victory Day commemorating the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Total results



XXXVII Russian Table Tennis Ranking Tournament was held April 26-29 in honor of the Victory Day.It was held under the auspices of the Table Tennis Federation of Novosibirsk Region, with the support of Start Line Company and VEGA Central Sports Club. Having a rich history and good traditions, in 2018 competitions are held for the 37th time and gather a lot of young players. VEGA Central Sports Club hosted more than two hundred players. Participants and fans had only positive emotions.

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Start Line Company has been a technical partner of these competitions for many years. Annually Start Line provides its Tournament equipment and Champion Series Tennis Tables of high professional level. These are the first Russian Tennis Tables approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) which are included in the official list of licensed ITTF tables.


XXXVII Russian Tournament Results:

Boys 2004

1. Maxim Rasskazov (Berdsk)

2. Alexander Volynkin (Barnaul)

3. Maxim Terekhin (Novosibirsk)

Boys 2001

1. Igor Ukhin (Novosibirsk)

2. Maxim Narratives (Berdsk)

3. Maxim Kholodov (Berdsk)

Girls 2001

1. Yaroslav, Petrachenko (Zelenogorsk)

2. Polina Bebchik (Zelenogorsk)

3. Diana Ruzanova (Novosibirsk)

Girls 2004

1. Jana Sorkova (Zelenogorsk)

2. Polina Udalova (Zelenogorsk)

3. Diana Ruzanova (Novosibirsk)

Young men 2007 year

1. Matvey Ilyin (Biysk)

2. Gregory Azarov (Novosibirsk)

3. Alexey Shlak (Novosibirsk)

Boys couples 2001

1. Ukhin-Korotygin (Novosibirsk)

2. Rasskazov-Udelnykh (Berdsk, Zelenogorsk)

3. Evgrafov-Enikeev (Novosibirsk)

Girls couples 2001

1. Petrachenko-Bebchik (Zelenogorsk, Novokuznetsk)

2. Ruzanova-Shlykova (Novosibirsk)

3. Burdygina-Alekseeva (Novosibirsk)

Mixed pairs 2001

1. Ukhin – Sorkova (Novosibirsk, Zelenogorsk)

2. Udelnykh – Petrachenko (Novosibirsk, Zelenogorsk)

3. Rasskazov-Ruzanova (Berdsk, Novosibirsk)

Boys couples 2004 year

1. Volynkin-Demidyuk (Barnaul, Abakan)

2. Rasskazov – Shtertser (Moscow, Blagoveshchensk)

3. Malko-Terekhin (Novosibirsk)

Girls couples 2004

1. Udalova – Surkova (Zelenogorsk)

3. Ruzanova-Alekseeva (Novosibirsk)

Mixed couples 2004 year

1. Rasskazov-Ruzanova (Berdsk, Novosibirsk)

2. Shtertser-Udalova (Blagoveshchensk, Zelenogorsk)

3. Volynkin-Kudryashova (Barnaul, Novokuznetsk)

The protocols are available here.

Start Line Company wishes all participants further great victories!

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