Rules of table tennis

Playing table tennis is throwing the ball strikes the racket over the net stretched across the table. Games can be played by two or four people. The minimum dimensions of the room to the table 1 - 7.7 * 4.5 m. To play you must

have a table, net, racket ball.

The game begins with batting one of the players (by lot). After hitting the ball with the racket the latter must make a rebound from the table on the side of the feeder, fly net without touching it, and touch the table on the other side. When submitting playing as well as his racket and the ball must be behind the back line of the table. Submission is considered abnormal if the ball is served on the table or on the move. If the ball when filing did rebound from the table on the side of the feeder, flew over the net, hitting her or rack grid, and touched the table on the other side, then spend perepodachu, and points will not count. Number perepodach not limited.

Receiving reflects on his side batted the ball back to the side of the feed; that, in turn, sends it to the side of the host, and so continues as long as any of the players did not make a mistake.

Each error gives the enemy 1 point. Playing win points if the enemy: wrong will give the ball; reflect the ball from summer to his touch to the table; reflect the ball off the table; not be able to correctly send the ball; reflecting the ball touches his racket more than once or catches the ball on the racket, and then throw it; touches the ball during the play of any part of the body that is on the table, or touches the net, rack table. after each

2 points (until September 1, 2001 - 5 points each) supply goes to the host. The game is won after one player scores 11 points (before September 1, 2001 - dial 21 points) in the superiority of at least 2 points. With the score 10:10 (until September 1, 2001 - when the score was 20:20) feeding alternates after each point. After each game the players change ends and the next innings. The game consists of 5 or 7 games (before September 1, 2001 - the number of parties had 3 or 5).

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