The ITTF requirements to inventory

The size of table tennis

Table tennis table should be rectangular. Table dimensions - length 274 cm, width 152.5 cm, height 76 cm. The table must be in a horizontal position. The table surface can be made of any material, but must be uniform, and if the standard ball for table tennis release from a height of 30 cm above the table, it should rebound to 23 cm. The table surface should be matte black or dark color.

Edge of the table width of 2 cm should be white. The table must be divided into two equal halves vertically standing grid.

The mesh is attached with fasteners at a distance of 15.25 cm from the lateral line of the table. The net must be above the table at 15.25 cm. The upper edge of the mesh width of 15 mm should be white. For pairs of each half of the game table must be divided into two equal halves by a white line width of 3 mm.

The gaming space should be at least 14 m long, 7 m wide and 5 m high.

Table tennis rackets

A racquet may be of any size, shape and weight, but its blade should be flat and rigid.

At least 85% of the blade thickness should be made of wood. An adhesive layer within the blade may be reinforced with fibrous material such as carbon fiber, fiberglass or pressed paper; the reinforcing layer should be less than 7.5% of total thickness not greater than 0.35 mm.

Side vanes, used to strike the ball, must be covered by the usual rubber pupyrchatoy monolayer with pimples outwards, with a total thickness together with the adhesive layer up to 2 mm or rubber bilayer "sandwich" with pimples inwards or outwards, with a total thickness together with the adhesive to 4 mm inclusive.

"Normal tires pupyrchatuyu" - is not a single layer of cellular rubber, natural or synthetic, with bumps uniformly distributed on its surface with density of not less than 10 and not more than 50 pieces per 1 cm2. The ratio of height to diameter pimple should not be more than 1.1.

Rubber "sandwich" - one layer of mesh (porous) rubber coated with one layer of the conventional outside pupyrchatoy rubber; pupyrchatoy rubber thickness - up to 2 mm, inclusive.

The coating material should completely cover the blade, without protruding over the edges, except a part of the blade adjacent to the handle and the male fingers. This portion of the blade may be uncoated or coated with any material, it should be considered part of the handle.

The blade of any layer within the blade and any coating layer or an adhesive material on the side that is used to strike the ball, must be continuous and uniform thickness.

The surface of the coating material or the side of the blade side of the blade, left uncovered, shall be of uniform color and matte: one side - black, and the other - a bright red.

Slight deviations from uniformity and surface uniformity of color due to accidental damage, wear or tarnishing provided that these variations do not substantially alter the surface characteristics.

Balls for table tennis

The ball should be spherical in shape with a diameter of 40 mm and weighing 2.7 grams. The ball shall be made of celluloid or similar material. The ball must be opaque, white or orange.

Prior to October 1, 2000 balls have a diameter of 38 mm and a weight of 2.5 grams.

Source: the requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

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