Articles about table tennis

History of tennis

  • History of table tennis

    The birthplace of the games using racket, shapes, balls, played on special grounds, is East Asia. In China on the walls of the summer residence of the emperors, in the Summer Palace, you can see the picture, showing that in the middle ages there played the game, reminiscent of table tennis. Japanese researchers sports argue that at the same time in Japan there was a game of the people, which can be considered a primitive form of table tennis.

  • The history of shock top spin

    Top spin stood out as an independent kick in the 1960's. Interestingly, the impact of the same name and a similar effect long before that, back in the 1920's, was used in tennis.

  • The development of table tennis in Russia

    In the early 19th century among the intelligentsia of Moscow and St. Petersburg spread the game of shuttlecock outdoors.

Rules of Table Tennis

  • Rules of table tennis

    Playing table tennis is the throwing of the ball strikes the racket over the net stretched across the table. I can play two or four people. Minimum room dimensions for table 1 is 7.7*4.5 meter For the game, you must have: a table, a net, a racket ball.

  • The ITTF requirements to inventory

    The requirements of the International Table Tennis Federation to sports equipment.